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Gazette List of Links

Rev. Ferdinand says, "....": What does Rev.Ferdinand have to say today??
Gazette at the fest.: The Gazette visited the New Orleans Jazz Fest.
Kiana's Dungeon: A wild place of excitement and thrills!!
Editor's Note:: a brief note from the editor about something.
Welcome to Gail...: Gail's prayers join cloud??
Bourbon Street: Some happenings from the Quarter


     This is the newsletter that will teach you some of the
lessons which have unfolded through the passage of the 
ages. The power of the miracles that Jesus performed 2,000 
years ago lives right now just as alive as when Jesus 
walked the earth! 
     The power in the spirit is like a candle waiting to be
lit. Every one of my readers has this potential. Jesus, 
through the words of this ministry, will strike a flame and
light the power in some of my readers this very moment. The
words of the Lord were not like an explosion (all of sudden
his kingdom popped into existence). 
     No!! Following Jesus and his words is more like a 
journey. His word is laid out in a roadmap (the bible); 
and we follow this map to the kingdom. Along the way, Jesus
lights this flame in us; and we become his brothers and 
sisters. We have the same powers that he had. We work the 
same miracles!!  
             email questions or remarks to: 
                     Delery Gazette 
                     Rev. Ferdinand

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