The Gazette recently paid a visit to the New 
Orleans Jazz Festival. The mud and rain of the first 
weekend did not seem to slow down the many visiters who 
weathered the rain and mud. 
     The gospel tent was a special treat. Among the choirs 
that the Gazette flavored were the St. Monica gospel choir 
from uptown and the St. Stephen the Great choir. These two 
groups were a special treat as they rocked the audiences. 
     The Gazette, while enjoying the local tempered foods, 
also shared in the "enjoyment" of the muddy track. The mud 
stopped no enjoyment. 


     The New Orleans Jazz Fest was a success last weekend, 
even though the skies opened with some rains.
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     The gospel tent was exciting and the Neville Brothers 
blew the lid off the "rock" area. Revelers from all over 
the world could be seen having the time of their lives. 
     It looks like not even bad weather can keep people 
from having fun at the fest. It was fabulous!!

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